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Retro T.V. set information

These retro looking T.V. stes are actually made, like all most all my pieces, with recycled materials and electronics. Some of the sets use antique radio cabinets, one uses a vintage 1953 Zenith, but most of them use things you might never guess as a starting cabinet. Old radio and television knobs adorn many of them, yet some knobs had to be fabricated using some unusual items. Half the fun of viewing these pieces comes from trying to identify where the pieces came from.

Each T.V. set contains a scene from a movie or series from early television and sci-fi movies. The scenes are carefully constructed to duplicate a familiar scene from that movie. Great attention to detail is taken with the sets and backgrounds to make it appear as if you have frozen a scence in the movie. Some of the sets have lighting of some kind, sound effects or tracks or both. Those are hard to duplicate on my site, but some attempts have been made. Enjoy these.

There are more planned for the near future.