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Vintage Vacuum Tube Art

pink-legged Biobot
long-legged Biobot
Red legged scorpion
The Green Hornet (top)
The Green Hornet uses a copper ended fuse
Gear Head Biobot (made with old copper end fuse)
Bugzilla I is 11″ long with an 8″ wingspan and moveable wings. (It received a ‘Judges Award’ at the 2102 Denver Starfest
Bugzilla II is 9″ long and has a 12″ wigspan and moveable wings
flying Bumblebot
Biobot swarm 2
Biobot swarm 1
Biobot The Goldbug
Biobot rainbow eyes
Pink legged Biobot
Biobot Spider on the Web
Biobot ‘RAID” bug (side)
Biobot ‘RAID’ bug (front)
Biobot hornet


Happy Face Biobot
Biobot green scarab (top)
Biobot green scarab (front)
Biobots copper backs
Biobot green legged copper back
Biobot Fishfinder: This bug uses an electronic fishfinder instead of a vacuum tube
2012 Starfest Biobot display
Biobot blue legged scorpion
Biobot Bat
biobot Avitar
Biobots 2011

Biobot bat (top)

These creations use vintage vacuum tubes, resistors and other electronics.